1. How to pay?

We accept Mastercard Worldwide, Visa International.

2. Which currency do we accept?

The payment is done in Ukrainian Hryvnia. USD sign is shown only as an advanced feature.

3. How much time the order is processed?

We process an order within 1-4 working days. In case of unavailability of some products- we will send you a text message to the phone number you indicated during registration.

4.Return policy

In case the product is damaged, please inform us immediately providing the necessary photos that prove this. Damaged products may be returned within 14 days from the day were received by the customer. The refund will be made at the full amount of the product and delivery cost. 

5. Is there anything that customer should know?

Please notice:
Orders over $75 are taxable according to your country’s regulations.

6. To which countries we do delivery?

We ship worldwide.